Thursday, 18 February 2010

Floor plans

To the right hand side are a few examples of basic floor plans for some old churches which again gives us a good idea of the architectual layout of the building. This will help us greatly in terms of how to design ours and will help get the feel of the building. Although we will not stick directly to the floor plans we can take a good sense of spacial awareness from them.

Research continued

As we can see by looking at these photographs of old churches we can see a pattern appearing to be quite common with the church designs. The tower of the church is at the front meaning that the entrance is the tallest part of the church. To me this would make it appear more "wlcoming to all" also the churches themselves apper to have a quite flat feeling to the rest of the buildings with quite a simple layout of open space within.


Hello there. An important part of this project to make sure we get an accurate design of an Anglo-Saxon church is to make sure that we research and look at old designs and floor plans of old churches and look for a generic layout and design which was most commonly used. This will help us to customise urs but based upon a good foundation. As we can see here I have been looking at some very old churches which will help us in the designing process.

The Brief

Now I am going to explain the project brief. We have basically been set the task as a group to create a digital 3D environment using Maya and to animate and texture the environment. We all as different members of the team have shared different jobs to do aswell as working together in some of these jobs. I was a late edition to the team as a new member and have been working with them and assisting where I am needed. As I have come in at a late stage the design process has already been completed, however for my own interests and to get a greater understanding of the project it is still relevant to include research of my own.
Our plan is to create an Anglo-Saxon church and to include a cemra shot sticking to a storyboard gravitating around the old church and then a time shift to a futuristic church. This storyboard will be explained and showed later on and was very cleverly constructed by our team leader Deeper. Now we will begin with the research part of our project.

3D Digital Environments Projest

Hello and welcome to my new blog. In this blog you will see detailed research and 3D modelling and various other tasks following a project brief which has been set to me. I hope you enjoy. Josh Spencer.