Monday, 8 March 2010

Finishing project

Ok now we came to the stage of finishing. We had a the futuristic church scene rendered and looking great. We experienced problems with the rendering by losing time on it. This was due a problem with a team members software who didnt inform anyone else therefore causing us to lose a night of rendering and setting us back. We simply had a bit of a lack in terms of communication which had this knock on effect. With it being the last day it was now too late to begin rendering and therefore after speaking to our tutor we were advised to have the first scene of the old church as a playblast combined with the rendered scene of the futuristic church. This obviously made it not up to the set standard which we had hoped for but our intentions were clear. We had a deadline and had to stick to it. In my opinion the group worked well together to start with. I think that as the deadline drew closer and the pressure on certain members were not performing at their best and if we had a little more time then the project would have been better completed. However hindsight is a valuable thing and something to learn from. We all are in full agreement that next term we will not let ourselves relax and we will be on people cases if they arent performing as we ccan now see just how important it is that everyone does their job according and stick to the time limit as best they can. Also not to take on or hand out a job that is beyond peoples knowledge or capabilities. We will in future rely on people for their strong points and make sure that we all keep up a group consistancy. Also we have learnt the value of communication and just how important that is.

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