Friday, 5 March 2010

Ideas finalised team "Spirit"

The ideas of what our plan for the storyboard is has been finalised and completed at this stage. The storyboard can be found on the group blog and in basic terms there idea is that the camera is shown through the eyes of a spirit who visits an old 13th century church and after looking aroung all goes dark then to reveal a futuristic church. Stephen designed and modelled the old church and Deepa the futuristic one. Guy later on helped add with the modelling and texturing as did Nathan. My job soon became clear that I was to help out with anything that was needed on the inside of the churches ie furniture and lamps etc. This was a great chance to help out as a modeller and really get some experience as it was not something I was confident or fluent in at the start of this project. Also I would show some research for my ideas to back them up although as a late edition to the group time was against me.

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